San Dieguito Academy - Taking Care of Business Days 2024-2025 (2024)

Taking Care of Business Family Notice - Coming Soon!

(English) / (Spanish)

Be sure to complete your Annual Data Confirmation through the Parent Aeries Portal before attending your TCB Day!

***The 2024-25 Data Confirmation Window will open in late July***

  • Drop off your emergency Card (printing available at school if needed)
    • Please note:you will not be able to complete the following steps if you do not complete Data Confirmation
  • Get your school photo & ID card
  • Pick up your course list (this is not your class schedule - you will receive that on 8/12/24)
  • Check out your SDUHSD Chromebook (new to SDA students only)
  • Pick up any Finance Office purchases, and drop off any paperwork to Athletics & the Health Office.

Make-Up Taking Care of Business Day:

If you absolutely cannot attend your designated Taking Care of Business Day, you may attend the next available Taking Care of Business day.

Still can't make it? Student schedules will be posted after 4:00 pm on Monday, August 12. Students will report to their classes as listed and can complete a course change Google form during the first three days of school to request any course changes.

Picture Make-Up Day details will be announced in August.

9th Graders Only

Freshman Parent/Guardian Orientation: Monday, August 6 in the Mustang Commons during your student’s Link Crew & Freshman orientation. Parents/guardians are invited to join Principal Dolnik and SDA staff to learn more about setting you, and your freshman up for success! Even if you’ve had students at SDA in the past, we strongly encourage you to join us.

Link Crew: Incoming Freshmen and new students are invited to return on Tuesday, August 6 for a morning with Junior and Senior classmates and some teachers to acclimate, and learn all things SDA!

Out of District Math Placement testing: If you missed the math placement testing in the Spring, please be on the lookout for an email with extra dates.

12th Graders Only

Senior Portraits: You can sign up for senior portrait sessions anytime this summer/fall. Click here for more information. Only images from Keane Studio are used for senior portraits in the yearbook. Keane Studios will be on site on 7/31/24 to answer questions and schedule appointments. They do offer FREE-of-charge sittings both at the studio and on a select date at SDA. Appointments are mandatory.

A note from the SDA Foundation to Parents/Guardians of Seniors...

Woop! Woop! It’s your student’s senior year! We know there’s a lot to do but why not get a jump start on your To-Do's and purchase a Grad Nite ticket and check that off your list right away? Early Bird pricing is ON - save $40 when you purchase now. See SDA Foundation information below.



All students (9th-12th grade) will have their photographs taken for their student ID card during their Taking Care of Business time. Photos taken on this day will also be used for the yearbook for everyone except 12th graders. Senior yearbook portraits are taken by Keane Studios, but the photo taken on TCB day will be used for senior student ID’s.

Costumes and props will not be permitted for identification and security reasons. Students will be handed a paper with their School Code & Student number to access the photo proofs that will be emailed to the parent email address listed in AERIES.

Student Parking Permits:

Parking permits will be available for eligible Juniors and Seniors. Participation in Smart Start is required prior to submitting a parking permit application. Carefully read SDA’s Parking Requirements here. Please note that an SDA employee will attach the parking sticker directly to the car, so students must drive the car to which the sticker will be attached. The first opportunities for parking permits will be on Taking Care of Business Days.

Early in the school year, the Assistant Principal’s Office will be hosting another drive-through parking permit application turn-in and sticker placement. More information will be communicated during the first month of school. Ticketing will begin at the end of September. We will notify families and students prior to ticketing starting.

SDA Foundation:

A Quick Note from the SDA Foundation: Welcome and Welcome Back! It's the mission of the SDA Foundation to enrich every student's SDA experience and we look forward to connecting with you.

As you prepare for the upcoming start of school, please consider a voluntary donation to the Mustang Fund in support of enrichment programs that benefit all SDA students, or any volunteer opportunities for the 2024-2025 school year. Your presence on campus matters. (We promise, indicating your interest here does NOT commit you to anything - it just helps us reach you about ways to be involved. We love our volunteers!)


San Dieguito Academy - Taking Care of Business Days 2024-2025 (2024)
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