My own bee swarm item tier list | Fandom (2024)

My own bee swarm item tier list | Fandom (1)

Best Ones

Festive Bean: The most valuable item, but not as powerful as the super smoothie, can help you a lot when you are doing big boosts

Super Smoothie: The most powerful item, the meta of big boosts

Jelly Beans: Gives buffs that are really good, but you have to earn them a lot before using them on a boost, but its overall power is almost the same as super smoothie

Gumdrops: Covers flowers in goo when a gum blob hits it, and gives you a lot of bonus honey, also the needed thing to trigger gummy star which is the said best passive

Ticket: No explanation needed

Instant converter: One of the main things needed when doing a boost

Field Dice: One of the main things needed when doing a boost, has more source, and the cons is that its luck based to get the field you want

Royal Jelly: No explanation needed

Stinger: Increases bee attack which can be used to take down mondo chick or coconut crab faster, killing mondo chick and coconut crab faster gives better loot quality, it is also needed to trigger star saw, which is an better but not stronger version of star shower

Treats: The meta when leveling up bees, and leveling up bees can enhance bees and can attack higher level mobs

Too good Items

Marshmallow bee: best for blue hives and white hives, cons is that its limited, overall its a very powerful item. Blue hives are currently the meta to get a lot of honey to change hives.

Purple Potion: Good for blue and red hives, needed when crafting the super smoothie

Glitter: Last bastion when you didn't get the field you want to boost.

Tropical drink: Affects white hives the most, gives critical chance which is the best buff on this item because it increases the chance to make farming and attacking stronger

Good Items

Night Bell: This item is horrendous, gives rogue vicious bee which is luck on how much stingers you will get on which field it will stand if its gonna be gifted or not, the value it has the most is the winds it can give

Red Extract: good for red hives, needed to craft the purple potion which is the hardest thing needed to craft the super smoothie

Blue extract: good for blue hives, needed to craft the purple potion which is the hardest thing needed to craft the super smoothie

Glue: the most used item in bee swarm simulator in terms of crafting things, needed to craft the purple potion which can be used to craft the super smoothie, its buff sucks because it enhances the most weakest pollen collectors, but at least enhances the weaker ones

Cloud Vial: 25% Pollen (50% if you have gifted windy bee), the thing needed to tame windy bee, and also it can help on sprouts, especially if you are weak to take down a sprout in 35 bee zone

Sprout: Luck based in terms of value, but it can give materials you might need to craft in the blender

Enzymes: you can use this to at least increase time before going back to hive and convert the pollen, and also it has increased convert rate which you means when converting in hive, it would be faster

Box-O-Frogs: good for blue hives, its sources are extremely hard to get which I hate the most. Better use it wisely

Oil: can be used to increase speed of the bees and the player, you can use it to make the bees chase the mobs faster, good for ant challenge, mondo chick, and coconut crab.

You still need this (Items I can't rate properly or just something worth to get based on my opinions)

Ant Pass: (I can't rate it properly), ant pass gives access to ant challenge, which can give the ant amulet and ant amulet gives good buffs, the only cons that contradicts this thing a lot to me is because when you get the buff you need, this would be your only main source for jelly beans, it require luck to get jelly beans on this challenge and I'm not sure but jelly beans is the rarest reward in ant challenge, one of the problems is that you have to wait 2 hours to get a free pass, and you might use tickets if you rush to try and get some, if you have all the memory match on cooldown and don't have enough, this is your last bastion, and you might sacrifice your tickets and honey just for these ones especially if you initiated a cooperative boost in the worst time like this, so yeah, this one goes here.

Coconut (something worth to get): Well this thing is basically a bomb that will be instantly converted if you collected it, nothing more special, but at least using them at least gives honey tokens which you can use to finish a honey bee (npc) quest.

My own bee swarm item tier list | Fandom (2024)


How rare is a mythic bee in bss? ›

How rare is it to hatch mythic bee? Mythic from basic egg is impossible, not because the chance is so low but its not possible. Silver has a 1 in 1000 (. 1%) to hatch into a mythic, which is 25 times more likely than a royal jelly.

What is the most expensive item in bee swarm? ›

THE most expensive items in bee swarm simulator by honey cost!
  • The Planter of Plenty - 100 Trillion.
  • Gummyballer - 10 Trillion.
  • Petal Planter - 5 Trillion.
  • Tide Popper - 2.5 Trillion.
  • Dark Scythe - 2.5 Trillion.
  • 50th hive slot - 2.16920322976 Trillion.
  • Guranteed Double Passive SSA - 500 Billion.
  • Gummy Boots - 100 Billion.

Can royal jellies give mythic bees? ›

The probabilities of Royal Jelly are a 70% chance of getting a Rare, a 27% chance of getting an Epic, a 3% chance of getting a Legendary, and a 0.004% (1 in 25,000) chance of getting a Mythic.

How do I get a guaranteed mythic bee? ›

Getting Mythic Bees via Royal Jelly is the easiest way to get Mythic Bees, because hatching Eggs will result a waste of precious resources.

How rare are gifted bees from royal jelly? ›

Every time the player uses a royal jelly or hatches an egg, they have a 0.4% (1 in 250) chance to get a gifted bee.

What does diamond bee give? ›

[Passive: Shimmering Honey] When converting at the hive, this bee grants 25% bonus honey (+2.5% per level). This bonus is doubled if Gifted. This is noticeable by the light blue conversion link when converting.

What to buy after 35 bees bee swarm simulator? ›

After 35 Bees, you should get; Porcelain Dipper, Honey Mask, Porcelain Port O' Hive, Petal Wand, Golden Gushers, Gummy Mask, Coconut Canister, Coconut Clogs, Surpreme Saturator, Petal Belt. You should then grind both gifted bees and Gummy Boots at the same time.

What is Onett's favorite bee? ›

Onett's favorite bees are Basic Bee, Rascal Bee, Brave Bee, and Tabby Bee. Onett claimed he likes Basic Bee because it knows it is not as talented as other bees, but it does not care and smiles non-stop and always exudes pride.

Is the bear bee worth it? ›

Bear bee is worth it and it gives you an advantage with the bear morph and gifted hive bonus which gives you more pollen.

Which bee is the best gifted bee? ›

Basic Bee is the best Gifted Bee, but you shouldn't give it a Star Treat as you can get a Gifted through Eggs or Sunflower Seeds, Tabby and Photon should be your priorities unless you want to do Vicious to make mobs spawn faster.

What is the rarest egg in BSS? ›

Gifted Gold and Gifted Diamond can be dropped (as far as I know) from Tunnel Bear, and Stump Snail, but decently rare. The true rarest regular egg is Star Egg. Only two quests give it, and then you have a very low chance to get it from a boss or night memory match.

What is the rarest sprout in BSS? ›

Sprout TypeSpecialChances of getting from magic bean
Rare (Silver)Silver Egg, crafting materials*20%
Epic (Gold)Gold Egg, Star Jelly, Glitter, crafting materials*5%
Legendary (Teal)Diamond Egg, Star Jelly, crafting materials*0.50%
Gummy (Translucent Pink)Gumdrops, Glue, Glitter, Neonberries5%
6 more rows

What is the rarest aphid in BSS? ›

The Rage Aphid is one of the 3 rare types of aphids, the others being Armored Aphid and Diamond Aphid.

How to get rare bees in a bee swarm? ›

Bees are hatched from Eggs, with the probability of hatching a bee of a particular rarity or type depending on the rarity of the egg (i.e., a Gold Egg can hatch into an Epic, Legendary, or Mythic).

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