M. Bison (Street Fighter) (2024)


M.Bison is the leader and creator of Shadaloo, an elusive criminal and militaryorganization. Bison has been working on a lethal, mysterious energy that greatlyincreases his fighting ability, what he refers to as "Psycho Power". He trained along with twoother unknown students and learned the Psycho Power to become more powerful andachieve his aspirations of world domination. Bison has hired many members into Shadalooincluding Sagat,Vega,Balrog,Birdie,C. Jack,Juni,JuliandCammy.

Bison hears of a fighter named Ryuwho recently defeated his henchman, Sagat. Bison decides to recruit Ryu andbegins to search for him. Around the same time, he is confronted by Charlie who questions him on his informants within the U.S. military. Bison refuses totalk and instead attacks Charlie, and believes to have killed him. Bison islater confronted by Rose who uses asimilar power to his, and she tells him to change his ways. Though Rose comesout on top in the ensuing conflict, she is unable to do Bison any serious harm.

By the time of SFA3, thePsycho Power begins exceeding the limits of his body. Having predicted thisevent, M. Bison had his scientists engineer a body that he could transfer hisessence to in the form of Cammy:a genetically engineered young woman using Bison's DNA as a template. Heincluded her in the Dolls: his elite squad of brainwashed young women who serveas assassins. However, over the course of SFA3, Cammy's brainwashingbegins to weaken and she goes rogue. He sends Vegato retrieve her, and then Juliafter Vega fails. Around the same time, Bison sends Junito gather data on Ryu. Bison finally finds Ryu and eventually subjects him tohis Psycho Power. When Sagat objects, Bison tells Sagat he can finally have hisrematch.

Meanwhile, Charlie, Guile, and Chun-Li are on a mission to stop Bison. After learning that the bombardment ofShadaloo was called off due to corruption in Interpol and Bison's manipulation,Chun-Li realized that they would have to destroy the base themselves. With thehelp of Cammy, they were able to destroy the Shadaloo base. While Chun-Li andGuile escape the base (which they have rigged with explosives), Charlie keepsfighting the resurrected Bison to allow their escape, and apparently sacrificeshis own life. M. Bison's soul, however, ends up surviving the explosion anddespite the destruction of the Psycho Drive, takes control of Rose. It isrevealed that, while trying to master Psycho Power, M. Bison had to expel allthe humanity and good in his soul to accommodate and supplant the intense energythe power gives him, and that Rose is actually the formation of all of M.Bison's good energy. He stays inside of Rose's body until his Shadalooscientists forge a new body for him.

After Bison was resurrected, he ordered the creation of at least 26 androids byS.I.N., the weapons division of Shadaloo. #15 was chosen to be the new head ofS.I.N., demonstrating a higher level of intelligence than the others.#15was referred to indirectly as "Bison's right hand".Bison alsohad a Korean official murdered along with his family. The official's daughter, Juri,survives, however, and #15 gives her cybernetic enhancements, deciding she canbe used. #15 takes the name Seth andmakes his own attempt at world domination, beginning with the announcement of anew tournament. But Juri has a plan of her own and tries to pit Bison and Sethagainst each other in revenge for her parents' murder.

Some time later, Bison holds the second World Warrior tournament to getrevenge against those who destroyed the Psycho Drive, and to lure out Ryu oncemore. His Psycho Power seems to have diminished since the destruction of thePsycho Drive, but he is still very powerful. Bison is later defeated by Akuma,who uses the Shun Goku Satsu on him.

StreetFighter 2

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PageUpdated: May 3rd, 2024

M. Bison might look like some random third world leader,but there's a lot more to his design than a pair of nazi-pants. Firstly, M. Bisonis probably the most memorable and recognizable fighting game boss of alltime. He's got the unmatched evil grin, the ultra over-confident personality,and that trademark red suit & cape goes without saying.Hisfighting style is also well-defined and has translated and evolved significantlyin sequels.

Even thoughBison was inspired by other manga characters (such as Washizaki from Riki-Oh andKato from Doomed Megalopolis), his fighting style is very originaland unique. Bison also has lasting appeal like it's nobodiesbusiness... he's still a badass after all these years. My favorite appearance/ version of Bison to date would probably be SFA3 (AKA beefy Bison).He also translated very well into SF4 and SFV. After all these years, Bison hasn't changed much...and he never needed to. I think his subtle SFV redesign was solid. He'sstill one of the coolest Street Fighter characters out there.

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M. Bison (Street Fighter) (2024)


Why is M. Bison always smiling? ›

Bison's malevolence and sadism are reflected in his iconic smile, a very wide grin that exposes not just all of the teeth but even the gums as well.

Is M. Bison hard to play? ›

Bison is pretty low-maintenance to play at basic level aside from walkspeed potentially causing trouble for the uninitiated and anti-airing is bit nonstandard compared to some characters. His pressure is pretty damm good and he can easily destroy anyone who doesn't know the matchup better due some changes in S2.

Who has beaten M. Bison? ›

After a fierce battle, Ryu finishes Bison once and for all with the Power of Nothingness, and his body disintegrates as he laughs at the irony, leaving only his cap behind to be buried under crumbling Shadaloo base. After his death, Bison becomes Phantom Bison, a ghost empowered by Psycho Power.

How powerful is M. Bison? ›

With Psycho Power, M. Bison can sense various forms of energy and even have incredible regeneration. Thanks to his mastery, M. Bison acquired incredible strength alongside flight, intangibility, telekinesis, teleportation, telepathy, and even soul transference.

Was Cammy in love with M. Bison? ›

Bison only ever intended to use Cammy as a tool of destruction and for his own resurrection so saying they were once lovers is a stretch in every sense of the word. In Street Fighter II: The Animated Series, Cammy is plagued by flashbacks to times when she was Bison's lover.

Who is stronger, M. Bison or Akuma? ›

Akuma has killed Bison in a single attack. The attack is the infamous Shun Goku Satsu AKA Raging Demon AKA Instant Hell Murderer.

What is the cheat code for M. Bison? ›

Unlock M. Bison (Street Fighter Alpha): Hold Start at the character select screen and highlight the Random Select box. Press Down, Down, Left, Left, Down, Left, Left + LP+HP (red) or LK+HK (black).

Why is M. Bison not in Street Fighter 6? ›

M. Bison: This character was canonically defeated in Street Fighter 5 at the hands of Ryu. He faded away, consumed by the Power of Nothingness, and his base of operations was destroyed.

What is M. Bison based on? ›

Sagat is believed to be based on a real life Muay Thai legend, named Sagat Petchyindee. M. Bison is based upon Yasunori Katō, the protagonist of a famous series of novels, which are referred to as Teito Monogatari.

Is M. Bison evil? ›

He is the tyrannical, diabolical, manipulative and heartless leader of the Shadaloo terrorist organization, and the most authoritative and powerful villain in the series. He also appears as the main antagonist of the TV adaptations and films.

Who killed Chun-Li's father? ›

Dorai (銅昴, Dōrai?) is the father of Chun-Li who disappeared during a mission to uncover the drug-trafficking arm of Shadaloo. It is implied that he was killed by M. Bison, which is the source of Chun-Li's vendetta with Shadaloo.

Is M. Bison weak? ›

M. Bison is the final boss from Street Fighter X Mega Man. His weakness is the Hadoken and the Optic Laser.

Can Ryu defeat Akuma? ›

As his allies struggle to defeat Gill, Ryu achieves total balance between his two natures and becomes Shin Ryu, who proves powerful enough to defeat Gill. He then has his rematch with Akuma and finally claims a victory against him.

Is M. Bison immortal? ›

In spite of this, Bison himself is still a dangerous and deadly opponent in his own right, as he can levitate, fires electrical blasts from his arms, and would technically remain immortal as long as his life-support computer system remained intact.

Is M. Bison bald? ›

M. Bison has neatly cut black hair under his peaked cap, which he is almost never seen without (save for two of his alternate costumes); in the Brazilian Street Fighter comics (Editora Escala), he was instead bald.

What is M. Bison's personality? ›


pure evil. Bison is a callous, diabolical mastermind. And the only thing that surpasses his power is his ego. As he said to World Warrior Chun-Li while recalling the time he murdered her father, “For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life.

What is M. Bison's fighting style? ›

M. Bison doesn't use any specific style. Incidentally, Lerdrit is Thai for "Delicious." Sagat is known for Muay That, yet he shoots fire from his hands, and can jump 10 feet in the air with an uppercut.

What did bison do to Cammy? ›

One day in the depths of a concentration camp, M Bison got a little too hands on with his baby doll and she retaliated. Bison didn't like that and cut her with his PSYCHO POWAH. Instead of getting surgery, Cammy decided to keep her scar and play into the edge.

Is Akuma actually evil? ›

Akuma has a demon/devil complex. He believes himself to be pure evil in every way. However, he's shown to be merciful, honorable, and even helpful towards others. Not only does he insist on having a fair fight, but he expresses disgust towards those who prey upon the weak, like M.

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