Leeds fans in uproar over 'f***ing AWFUL' kit 'leak' with red on it (2024)

  • Leeds fans are furious that a 'leaked' new home kit features the colour red on it
  • Red Bull's branding is on the kit after they took a minority stake in the club
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Leeds United fans are spluttering with rage and have threatened to abandon the club over an alleged leak of their new home shirt - because it has red on it.

The Championship club have a historic grudge with Manchester United and fans are annoyed at sharing a colour with their Pennine rivals.

Red Bull bought a minority stake in Leedsfour days after their play-off final heartbreak last season. The 'new home kit' quite literally has red bulls in the centre as part of the energy drink tycoons' branding.

Leeds have made an active effort over the years to avoid any association with the colour red. Even previous shirt sponsors 32Red had their name written in blue.

Meanwhile, the Elland Road branch of McDonald's opened in 2002 as the only restaurant in the chain without the colour red in the logo.

Leeds United fans are furious about a 'leak' of their new home kit because it has red on it

This one now doing the rounds. #LUFC pic.twitter.com/q7XTlga5MD

— The Square Ball (@TheSquareBall) June 29, 2024

They had options, is all I'm saying. The brand guidelines allow it. pic.twitter.com/A9JpbOmuSV

— Michael Normanton (@Michael_TSB) June 29, 2024
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The fury-inducing release comes just hours after it emerged that Brentford have agreed a £35million deal to sign homegrown Leeds star Archie Gray, 18.

'It looks f***ing awful doesn’t it? I bet it’ll cost in the region £100 too. The first home shirt to be reduced in price before Christmas,' one fan wrote on X.

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'I live near a building site on Elland Road. I can be at the ground with bricks if this actually comes to pass,' said another, hopefully being unserious.

'Apart from the red I also hate the design template with the curved stripes going into the shorts,' wrote one.

Another commented: 'Goes without saying...if this is the kit, I am not buying it.'

One even threatened to go and support fellow Yorkshire club Doncaster, despite their kit and badge harbouring red: 'Donny Rovers might get a new punter next season.'

Another follower pointed out that other clubs in the Red Bull stable have some kits absent of the colour red.

Leeds announced a multi-year agreement with Leeds in May, with Red Bull insisting they will not change the club's name or badge.

Leeds historically have such a dislike for the colour red that even the Elland Road McDonald's diverts from the typical fast food chain branding, with no red

Fans are also upset that the club have agreed to sell homegrown star Archie Gray to Brentford

The Bees moved quickly for the teenager with Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea all making enquiries

The drinks brand currently owns RB Leipzig in Germany, Red Bull Salzburg in Austria, as well as MLS side New York Red Bulls and Red Bull Bragantino in Brazil, and this is their first venture into English football.

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This kit controversy marks another bad PR moment for the Whites, with many Elland Road faithful upset about the impending loss of Gray.

The 18-year-old is expected to head for a medical with Brentford after the London club battled off competition from Arsenal, Spurs, and Chelsea.

Borussia Dortmund and Aston Villa have also checked on the versatile midfielder who made 52 appearances last season.

Leeds are reluctant to lose such a fans' favourite as Gray, particularly with his family's association with the club, but recognise he could generate crucial revenue.

The deal with Brentford for Gray could be closer to £40m with add ons - but other clubs could yet come in now they have agreed a fee.

Red Bull agreed a minority stake in Leeds just days after they lost the play-off final in May

The drinks company have a large portfolio in the world of sport which includes a host of affiliated and owned football clubs. (Pictured: Bundesliga side RB Leipzig)

Mail Sport exclusively revealed in May that Leeds must rise up to £100m in player sales for failing to win promotion to the Premier League.

They lost the play-off final 1-0 to Southampton via an Adam Armstrong goal and never looked at the races.


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Leeds fans in uproar over 'f***ing AWFUL' kit 'leak' with red on it (8)

Leeds fans in uproar over 'f***ing AWFUL' kit 'leak' with red on it (2024)
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