Furniture Upholstery / Reupholstery Near Me: Dr. Sofa (2024)

Furniture Upholstery / Reupholstery Near Me

Furniture Upholstery Near Me in New York · Massachusetts · San Francisco · Connecticut · Chicago · New Jersey · Washington D.C. 🖤

Is your sofa beginning to look a bit used? Is it lacking the life and charm that helped you purchase it, to begin with? Rather than putting it to the curb, consider furniture upholstery or re-upholstery!

Dr. Sofa can replace everything from the springs on your sofa to the upholstery and slipcovers.

Ready for a new look? Completely swap out the upholstery to have a brand-new sofa at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new furniture.

Whether you want to revamp your existing furniture or it a whole new look, Dr. Sofa® can provide you with professional reupholstery services. Why give up on your comfortable sofa, when you can change the exterior or make a new slipcover to dress your sofa? Quality furniture deserves a second chance and our goal is to bring life back to your sofa.

Discover top-tier furniture upholstery near me with Dr. Sofa. Our expert team specializes in furniture reupholstery near me, transforming your pieces with precision and care. Whether it’s modern or antique, Dr. Sofa brings new life to your furniture with quality materials and craftsmanship. Trust Dr. Sofa for all your upholstery needs, conveniently located to serve you better. Experience excellence in furniture upholstery today.

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Furniture Upholstery

Discover exceptional furniture upholstery services with Dr. Sofa. Our skilled team specializes in transforming your upholstery furniture with meticulous craftsmanship and premium materials. Whether you need to refresh a beloved piece or upgrade your entire collection, Dr. Sofa ensures top-quality results. Trust us for all your upholstery needs and experience unparalleled service and expertise in furniture upholstery.

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Experience top-quality furniture upholstery repair near me with Dr. Sofa. Our expert team specializes in restoring and revitalizing your upholstery furniture near me, offering reliable solutions for any repair needs. Whether it’s wear and tear or damage, we provide exceptional furniture upholstery repair at competitive prices. Curious about furniture upholstery cost? Dr. Sofa offers transparent pricing and outstanding service, ensuring your furniture looks and feels like new. Trust us for all your upholstery needs.

Furniture Reupholstery

Revitalize your furniture with expert Dr. Sofa’s: furniture reupholstery. Our team specializes in transforming pieces to look and feel brand new. Searching for the furniture reupholstery near me? Look no further. Dr. Sofa offers top-quality service, ensuring exceptional results every time. Wondering about the reupholstery furniture cost? We provide competitive and transparent pricing. Trust Dr. Sofa for all your furniture reupholstery needs, conveniently located to serve you better.

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If you’re comfortable with the look of your sofa, but not so comfortable when you sit on it, we can help. By repairing old or installing new springs or webs, or replacing the foam in the cushions, your sofa can be restored to the comfort of a brand new couch.

Our technicians are certified in their fields and possess extensive experience, using state of the art equipment and vast knowledge in their line of work. We take pride in every piece of furniture we service. Make the choice to give your furniture a new meaning and we will take care of the rest.

Discover the best furniture reupholstery near me with Dr. Sofa. Our expert team excels in furniture re-upholstery, transforming your beloved pieces with precision and care. Whether it’s a cherished heirloom or a modern piece needing an update, our furniture re upholstery services ensure top-quality results. With competitive pricing and exceptional craftsmanship, Dr. Sofa is your go-to for all furniture re-upholstery needs. Experience the difference with Dr. Sofa, conveniently located near you.

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Headboard Upholstery

Transform your bedroom with custom Dr. Sofa’s headboard upholstery. Whether you desire a fresh look or want to revive your existing headboard, our expert team specializes in upholstery headboard solutions tailored to your style and preferences. Discover the convenience of headboard reupholstery near me with Dr. Sofa, offering top-tier craftsmanship and personalized service. Elevate your space with a custom upholstery headboard that reflects your unique taste and enhances your bedroom décor. Trust Dr. Sofa for quality, convenience, and exceptional results.

An upholstered headboard brings modern style at an affordable price to your bedroom. A headboard is one of the most important choices you can make for your bedroom. It sets the tone for other furnishings and the mood for the room itself.

Customizing this single element leaves you open to the creative flexibility of being able to change your mind over the years. It’s the answer when you want to create a soft and textured focus for a bed.

Dr.Sofa® can create your own personalized headboard of your choice. Elevate your bedroom with expert headboards upholstery from Dr. Sofa. Quality craftsmanship for a stylish upgrade.

Furniture Upholstery & Reupholstery Services

Dr. Sofa is your premier destination for comprehensive furniture upholstery and reupholstery services. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, our skilled craftsmen breathe new life into your beloved furniture pieces. Whether you’re looking to refresh the fabric of your favorite sofa or completely transform the look of a vintage chair, our team has the expertise and experience to exceed your expectations. We understand the importance of quality materials and meticulous workmanship, ensuring that every piece we touch receives the utmost care and attention. Trust Dr. Sofa to revitalize your furniture with our top-notch upholstery and reupholstery services.

Hire us to Furniture Upholstery for: Chairs / Armchairs / Ottomans / Benches / Footstools / Mattresses / Bedspreads / Wardrobes / Countertops / Office Chairs / Bed Headboards / Cushions / Banquettes / Living Room Furniture / Bedroom Furniture / Dining Room Furniture / Office Furniture / Restaurant Furniture / Hotel Furniture / Car Seats / Kitchen Countertops / Bathroom Countertops / Outdoor Furniture / Entryway Furniture / Wallpaper / Counter Stools / Library Furniture / Bean Bag Chairs.

Thanks, and Good Luck to You 🌊

Furniture Upholstery / Reupholstery Near Me: Dr. Sofa (2024)


What is the cost to reupholster a sofa? ›

With all of these factors in mind, the average cost range for reupholstering a couch is quite wide. According to Revolution Fabrics, sofas can cost between $400 and $4,500 to reupholster, with the typical job coming in at around $1,800.

Is it cheaper to buy a new sofa or reupholster? ›

Though the cost to reupholster a couch varies, quality sofa upholstery could cost 50-60% less than replacement when all things are considered. Before calling upholsterers for quotes, measure your sofa and research fabrics. While pricier upfront, replacement sofas start cheaper but don't last as long.

Is it worth getting a sofa reupholstered? ›

Both options can be beneficial for different situations; chair or sofa reupholstery is often a much easier process than buying brand new – it can save you time, hassle, and in many cases, cost – whereas buying new can be a better option if your current suite isn't of a high quality and you want to change the size or ...

How much is upholstery sofa? ›

To conclude, upholstering a 3 seater sofa with good fabric will set you back at least £800, assuming you are doing it yourself. If you pay to get it done by a professional, you can add on about £500 to even a £1,000 in labor costs. If your sofa doesn't have sentimental value, buying a new sofa is a much smarter idea.

What is the best fabric to reupholster a sofa? ›

A heavy-duty synthetic microfiber will be the most stain-resistant and easiest to care for, so it's an excellent choice for often-used sofas or chairs. Still, high-thread-count cotton will have enough durability for less-frequently used seating in a formal dining space.

How many hours does it take to reupholster a sofa? ›

To give a broad estimate, reupholstering a couch (fabric only) will take 15–24 hours of work. Repairing the frame and springs and replacing the stuffing will take extra time. If you employ a furniture repair specialist to do the job, expect your sofa to be with them for around two weeks.

What's the difference between recovering and reupholstering? ›

Recovering and reupholstering mean the same thing - generally replacing the fabric, but not only. Recovering furniture is a mild form of reupholstering furniture. Recovering refers to loose items like pillows and reupholstering refers to furniture.

How do I know if my furniture is worth reupholstering? ›

If you have determined that your furniture has a higher intrinsic value than it would cost to reupholster, then this piece could be a good candidate for reupholstering. Other factors to help you know if a piece is worth reupholstering is availability, historical quality, and emotional connection.

How many years should a sofa last? ›

While the average sofa should last between 7 and 15 years, signs of wear and tear are likely to appear before then – especially if it's a well-loved sofa.

How much should a good quality sofa cost? ›

High-End Sofas

With a high-end price, you can expect a high-quality sofa. High-end fabric couches range between $1500 and $3000 and are the type of couch you can comfortably buy for your forever home. What to expect from a high-quality sofa: Expect the entire frame to be hardwood.

How much fabric to cover a 3 seater sofa? ›

A two seater sofa will typically need 14 metres. A three seater will generally require 16-18 metres and a four seater 20-22 metres. The lengths suggested are based on average sized chairs and sofas and the use of plain fabric.

Is it better to replace or reupholster a couch? ›

-Replacing your sofa is a more expensive option, but it will give you a brand new piece of furniture. -Reupholstering your sofa is a cheaper option, and can often give new life to an old couch. -Replacing your sofa will likely take longer, as you'll have to find the right one and wait for it to be delivered.

How much does it cost to change sofa fabric? ›

₹899 - ₹899. On an average, sofa repair costs ₹999. However, sofa repair price varies with your requirements and needs. On the lower end, sofa repair professionals generally charge between ₹499 and ₹899, and the higher end prices can range from ₹1599 to ₹2199.

Why is reupholstering so expensive? ›

As the fabric we use on our sofas and chairs must be more resilient and durable than others, it can cost significantly more than traditional fabrics. A budget covering will often feel rough and inadequate, while a plusher and more elegant upholstery selection can cost several hundred dollars or more.

How hard is it to reupholster a sofa? ›

It's not that simple. While it is possible for beginners to handle some small reupholstery projects, you run the risk of seriously messing up a piece of furniture for jobs that are more complicated.

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