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Do you want your watch to get fixed and are considering Walmart for the task? But wait, does Walmart repair watches?

Walmart has become a go-to place whenever you are in need of something. It is in fact a one-stop solution to almost every product need. But does it fix watches too? Do they replace watch batteries? Does it repair watch bands?

If you are looking for answers to these questions then this article will surely help you. In this article, I will give you all the answers and much more.

So keep reading!

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Does Walmart Fix Watches?

Does Walmart Fix Watches Or Replace Watch Batteries? - Wearholic (1)

Let me come straight to the point. No, Walmart does not fix watches. So if you want your watch to be repaired then Walmart is not the place to go.

Does Walmart Replace Watch Batteries?

No, Walmart does not replace watch batteries. However, you can get new batteries for your watch at Walmart but they will not replace them for you and you will have to do it yourself. To help you, Walmart even sells watch repair kits so that you can change the batteries of your watch yourself.

Does Walmart Repair Watch Bands?

No, Walmart does not repair watch bands. However, if you want some links to get removed from your watch bracelet to adjust it according to your wrist then you can go to the jewelry section of Walmart. They will probably help you out. But other than this, they will not do anything. If you are looking to buy new watch bands for your watch then you will surely find an ample amount of options in Walmart.

Why Don’t Walmart Fix Watches Or Replace Watch Batteries?

Does Walmart Fix Watches Or Replace Watch Batteries? - Wearholic (2)

Just think for a moment and tell me what comes to your mind when you think of Walmart?

Is it a specific thing that is available only in Walmart? Or is it a number of things that are available there?

Probably the second one right? Because Walmart is a place where literally everything is available. In fact, that is why you must have thought of getting your watch fixed from Walmart in the first place. If they sell everything then they must repair watches too.

Ironically, this is also the same reason why Walmart doesn’t fix watches or replace watch batteries.

Automatic mechanical watches can have more than 100 tiny watch parts. And to deal with such tiny watch parts requires expertise, which a watchmaker possesses. Since Walmart is a general retail store that sells everything so they do not have the expertise to repair watches. Yes, they can definitely hire watchmakers for the task but I am sure a giant like Walmart must not want to get into the specific business of watch repairing.

What Are Other Options To Get Your Watch Fixed?

Since going to Walmart is not an option so what are the other ways to get your watch fixed, you ask?

1) Fix It Yourself

If you have figured out what is wrong with your watch by doing some research. And if you are confident that you can fix it, then you can buy a watch repair kit and fix your watch yourself.

For instance, if your watch just needs a battery replacement then you can surely do it at home easily if you have the right tools.

I have selected the best watch repair tool kit for you, in case you want to try opening your watch yourself. You can check it out by clicking on the link below.

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2) Go To A Watch Repair Shop

If you do not know anything about the watch and its parts then you should not try to fix it all by yourself. You should go to a watch repair center and get the watch fixed by an experienced watchmaker. But do not forget that to be a watchmaker, one has to do a proper course. So do not get it repaired from a person that is a watchmaker just for the name’s sake. The best way will be to take it to your watch brand’s service center, especially if you own a luxury watch.


Do They Adjust Watches At Walmart?

Yes, the Jewelry section of Walmart can help you adjust your watch bracelet.

How Much Is It To Replace A Battery In A Watch?

Depending on the kind of battery your watch has, it should not cost more than $10.

Can I Change My Own Watch Battery?

Yes, you can change your watch battery by yourself, provided you know how to open and close a watch properly.

Does Walmart Fix Watches Or Replace Watch Batteries? - Wearholic (2024)


Does Kohl's replace batteries in watches? ›

My editor goes to Kohl's, where the replacement is $5 as long as you purchase the watch from Kohl's. (They sell Armatron, Casio, Citizen, Timex, Pulsar and Seiko.) Even if you didn't buy the watch from Kohl's, you might still try it if it's one of those brands.

Can I change watch battery in Walmart? ›

Yes, they do. Just go to the section where they sell electronic watches, they will replace the battery for your watch. They can also replace the battery for your watch at JC penny or Walmart.

Is it worth replacing a watch battery? ›

You can ensure the optimum performance of your watch by changing the watch battery every 1 – 3 years. If your watch has stopped, it has probably completely drained its battery.

How much does it cost for a jeweler to change a battery on a watch? ›

Watch Battery Replacement Cost

The price of watch battery replacement ranges from as low as $10 to upwards of $45-$60 to reseal and pressure test a water resistant timepiece.

Does Lowes replace watch batteries? ›

Our watch repair services include: Battery replacement on ALL brands, including fine Swiss brands.

Does JCPenney change watch batteries? ›

You can go to JCPenney's jewelry department, any jewelry store, or often in malls there will be a jewelry repair kiosk. Cost will be about $10–20. Depending on how busy they are, you might be able to wait while your new battery is put in, or you may be asked to come back later to pick it up.

How long does it take a jeweler to change a watch battery? ›

Usually the whole process just takes a few minutes depending on the amount of watches you would like serviced. If you are mailing in your watches, the entire process from start to finish takes about a week. Most of the time we are able to change the batteries as soon as we receive them in the mail.

How much is a watch battery usually? ›

If a digital watch is not working, it might just need a new battery. The cost for this service usually starts at $15.

What is the average life of a watch battery? ›

Generally the lifetime of a watch battery is between two and five years. Its longevity depends on the type of watch, its dimensions and the amount of energy required by the different functions. For example, a chronograph will have a higher energy consumption than a watch that only indicates hours, minutes and seconds.

Where can I change the battery on my watch? ›

The short answer to your question is that you can have a battery changed by any qualified local jeweler.

Does Costco change watch batteries? ›

If you can't find a repair shop near you, the list below can help you figure out where to get your watch battery replaced in the event of a problem. It's Kohl, JCPenney, Zales Corporation, Target, Kroger, Walmart, Costco.

How much does Macy's charge to replace a watch battery? ›

Macy's Watch & Fine Jewelry Repair Pricing List
ServiceStarting Price
Battery Replacement (includes pressure test)$51
Band & Case Refinishing$99
Remove Existing Links (Watch)Starting at $23
Add New Links (Watch)Estimate
35 more rows

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